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How can you make the most to bitcoin? Grow your bitcoin!

Bitcoin investing can be tricky… there are many scams around designed to take your bitcoin and leave you with nothing.

But there are real Bitcoin Investments you can utilize to grow your bitcoin.

  • Cryptocurrency Trading
  • Buy & Hold Bitcoin and/or other Cryptocurrencies
  • Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Mining

Which is best for you? explores your options to help you determine what is right.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency Trading:

Trading “crypto” can be very lucrative but requires much special skill and knowledge. Experienced bitcoin traders can earn 20% – 50% a month… sometimes even more.

But these high returns come with high risk. Over 80% of those who get involved in currency trading lose money… then give up. If you have the will, stomach, and skill to make this method of increasing your Bitcoin holdings work, it can be very lucrative. However, advice is to be extremely cautious with this method. The risk of losing your stake is high.

bitcoinsBuy and Hold Bitcoin

With Bitcoin achieving new highs virtually every week, simply purchasing Bitcoin and holding it as it’s value increases is a good and relatively safe strategy to increase the dollar value of your holdings.

This is a recommended strategy that could see double-digit ROI over the short and long term. Many analysts project $10,000 / bitcoin in the next 3 – 5 years. Certain analysts expect Bitcoin to reach much higher number, $100,000 and above, in the next 10 years… obviously, if analysts are correct, lining your pockets with Bitcoin today could turn out to be a great play.

Mining CryptocurrencyMining Bitcoin

Mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency is a method many are using to grow their Bitcoin and Crypto.

Mining involves processing transactions and solving mathematical problems for a reward of free coins. Mining farms around the world are participating in this process, giving the networks they operate on liquidity and functionality for the reward of crypto.